Coming Soon Update

13 Oct

Hey guys,

This is my blog, I’ve been meaning for a long while to set this thing up but I’ve had other things keeping me off track. I thought it’d be an easier way to keep you all updated on what I’m doing rather than having to edit the main website. I think I should tell you something about myself first, I am a girl who creates clothing for guys because nobody else will.

So firstly you are probably all aware I haven’t been active in the Sims community for a long time, I’d say its been around a year since I’ve brought anything out for you guys. I apologize for that, I know urban stuff is hard to come by and I have been failing to deliver what you need. I’m hoping that by writing this blog, it’ll restart my interest in the Sims again and I do feel in a creative mood at the moment. Its also nice to see people leaving a comment in the guestbook and the download count for my creations is also a nice sight, people still want what I have to offer.

So I’ve had a look back through some of the content I’ve created and have been thinking of what I could do next. I did start a project of recolouring some fitted baseball caps so I think that’ll be the first thing I start from. I have also taken more of an interest in creating clothing for the bodybuilder mesh, so you will see more of this type of clothing alongside the normal Sims 2 body.

While I was away I didn’t check any of my emails, sorry for not replying back to all your questions – I do usually make sure I give everybody an email back. So this is a response to one of the general requests: Will I create clothing for females? At the moment no, it has never been in my idea with URBANc to ever create anything for females.

Check back soon for my next posts!

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