Game Update

14 Oct

Last weekend I had to completely wipe my hard-drive after downloading some bad software that made my USB ports stop working. I thought I had lost all of my Sims 2 stuff but luckily Windows had saved everything even after informing me that system restore had failed. So I was very happy especially after thinking all my Bodyshop projects had gone.

I haven’t yet checked if the game is running, the first thing I tried was starting up Bodyshop which didn’t go very well, it hung on a black screen for some time before I gave up. So I’m thinking I might have to reinstall all the games which shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Also I think I will do a huge clean-out of my downloads folder, there is so much in there that I don’t really need – its just a case of taking the time to look through it all. I guess I should clean out my Projects folder too, I have all my old creations in there that are just taking up unnecessary space now and there are also the projects I quit on.

Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

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Posted by on October 14, 2011 in Updates


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