Cap Project

16 Oct

Hi all,

I mentioned in a few posts back that I was working on a baseball cap project. At first I was just going to upload the basic color set but I really wanted to add designs to them for a more realistic and interesting look, new era caps are just too nice to turn away. If I had my way, I would have hundreds in real-life but that would be an expensive hobby. So we can all enjoy them in our Sims 2 game instead.

one of the cap styles I've replicated.

For inspiration to create the caps I searched through Google images at some popular new era styles. I have tried to replicate them as best as I can and I am pleased with the result. I did find the recoloring process a little tricky at first but persistence paid off. I wanted to add the little ‘NE’ logo you find on the left side of the hat but because of the alpha file it mirrored it on both sides which would have been fine if it hadn’t flipped it the wrong way. Also, I added a new era sticker – I just wish the textures import into the game as smooth and sharp as they look in Photoshop.

So I’ve finished actually creating and zipping the files up that I now need to go into game and take some screen-shots. Then I will have to resize them, upload them to the website and mess around with getting the pictures right on there and linking them to the files. The caps will probably be up on the website to download by tomorrow.

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Posted by on October 16, 2011 in Updates


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