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02 Oct

Well, the afternoon after an eight hour night shift at the gym and I finally have some time and motivation to do a bit of sim related stuff especially the sort of stuff I’m not used to creating.

The other day I had bodyshop open working on some natural lips made for men (well the lip sample was from a male but will look good on girls too probably) I will have to make up a pack of them because right now I only have two variations and I want to offer a little more than that. I’m not really sure how good they are, I tend to make things and then realise months afterwards how shitty they really are. Or maybe that’s just one of my virgo traits shining through. I’ll upload some preview pics when I’m on my PC.

If you are an old URBANc fan and was visiting the site back when it was on you’ll have known there was once a basketball court for download. I took that off as I didn’t want a single lot on the site with it’s own section, I’m not really a builder. But, someone asked where it was the other day and now I am motivated to build another one. This time I hope it will be better!

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